Naturopathy believes in vitalism (a vital energy or vital force) that is generated by the body and promotes all metabolism, reproduction, adaptation, and repair. Based on this concept, naturopathy espouses that the body has the desire and ability to heal itself, but one must first remove the obstacles that contributed to the lack of health, and then apply both a lifestyle of health and appropriate therapies that work to promote the body's return to health. Naturopathy philosophy embraces the ideology of Vis Medicatrix Naturae, Latin for "the healing power of nature" i.e. the body knows how to return to and maintain health if given the opportunity.

About the College of Natural Health

Founded in 1986, the College of Natural Health teaches the art and science of true health and healing, i.e. health is a gift, disease is earned. The philosophy that permeates the curriculum is that health can be achieved only when the negatives that created health problems are discerned and discontinued, and positive, health-providing practices are introduced. The body knows how to heal, it simply needs the opportunity.

The College of Natural Health recognizes that traditional medicine has its place for life-saving-crisis care, but falls short of helping the patient discover how their faulty lifestyle contributed to their health problems, nor does give little direction on reversing the cause of disease.

Ultimately, the College of Natural Health teaches its graduates to be teachers (the true meaning of doctor) of their patients. This incorporates four things:

  • Being a mirror to his students (patients) to show them where they went astray causing their health problems
  • Educate them to change to a healing lifestyle
  • Motivate them to make health-producing choices
  • Hold her students accountable to follow through to gain health

The graduate of the College of Natural Health is equipped with practical knowledge of health, healing, and the tools needed to guide patients down the path of health. In addition, principles and training on how to operate a natural health practice are taught.


Dr. Robbins, founder and president of the College of Natural Health, is a chiropractor and naturopath.

Dr. Robbins was raised on the mission field in South Africa until the age of 14, when his family moved to Houston, TX where he finished high school. He attended LeTourneau University in Longview, TX and San Jancinto College in Houston, TX majoring in pre-med and food chemistry. He went on to graduate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1978 with a Doctor of Chiropractic [D.C.] degree. Dr. Robbins began practice in 1978. Later he completed a degree in naturopathic medicine [N.D.]

Dr. Robbins views traditional medicine as being useful for crisis care—saving a life—but it does little to address the cause of health problems. Nutrient deficiencies and toxicity, Dr. Robbins believes, are the basic contributors to disease. Therefore, the primary focus of Dr. Robbins’ practice centers around two things: what the patient is possibly doing wrong that is causing deficiencies and/or toxicity of the body and, two, what the body needs to restore itself to health. Dr. Robbins is a strong advocate of the body’s own healing ability, but believes the patient must give the body the opportunity to do so through lifestyle changes including: diet, juicing, food supplements, rest, exercise, and natural therapies.

He has practiced natural healthcare for over 40 years, lectured around the world, and authored several books on health. Patients consult with Dr. Robbins from all over the globe for natural health therapy options for health problems of all types.

Dr. Robbins is happily married to his childhood sweetheart. They have two daughters, two sons and six dogs, all healthy.

  • Natural healthcare lectures/seminars for lay people and professionals through the US and internationally
  • Continuing education and clinical practice management lectures/seminars for professions
  • Consultant to USAF and NATO fighter pilot trainers on flight fatigue
  • Consultant to Oklahoma Air National Guard Wing on flight fatigue
  • Wisconsin State teachers continuing education program
  • Continuing education lectures for hospital nutritionists
  • Guest speaker and lecturer on various college and university campuses
  • Guest on TV and radio programs; topic: natural healthcare
  • Nutrition in The Practice (practical guide for health care professionals on incorporating nutrition into any type of practice)
  • Health Through Nutrition
  • Eating for Wellness
  • Juicing for Health
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth and Children’s Diet
  • Fasting
  • Allergies
  • Protein Hang-Ups
  • Attitudes and Health
  • Hope for Cardiovascular Disease