A Clear Path to a Career in Naturopathic Medicine



The College of Natural Health is an accredited online course designed to give laymen and healthcare practitioners alike, the knowledge of natural healthcare, both in philosophy and practicality. The basics of nutrition, health, pathology, healing, therapies, logistics, and legalities are covered in the course. The goal is to equip the graduate with the ability to practice natural health care as a non-state licensed naturopath.

Founded in 1986, the College of Natural Health teaches the art and science of true health and healing, i.e. health is a gift, disease is earned. The philosophy that permeates the curriculum is that health can be achieved only when the negatives that created health problems are discerned and discontinued, and positive, health-providing practices are introduced. The body knows how to heal, it simply needs the opportunity.

The College of Natural Health recognizes that traditional medicine has its place for life-saving-crisis care but falls short of helping the patient discover how their faulty lifestyle contributed to their health problems, nor does give little direction on reversing the cause of disease.



Ultimately, the College of Natural Health teaches its graduates to be teachers (the true meaning of doctor) of their patients. This incorporates four things:

  • Being a mirror to his students (patients) to show them where they went astray causing their health problems.
  • Educate them to change to a healing lifestyle.
  • Motivate them to make health-producing choices.
  • Hold her students accountable to follow through to gain health.


The goal of the College of Natural Health is to equip the graduate with practical knowledge of health, healing, and the tools needed to guide patients down the path of health. In addition, principles and training on how to operate a natural health practice are taught.